Efficient use of outsourcing, streamlining and consolidation of the management structure.

As a method to continue to respond to the changes in the waves and the era of economy, companies that introduce the "outsourcing" to the outsources is rapidly increasing. The QUALITY JAPAN grasps precisely the customers issues. And after analyzing we create an optimal solution plan to provide high-quality outsourcing services. For further consolidation and streamlining of management structure, please use our outsourcing services by all means.


Through the construction of a shared folder and business management system, we will help you on building business system of any industry centered in the field of manufacturing industry.

To suit your needs on create, no complicated configuration is required. All of the settings to get started is done at our company.


When necessary, only when necessary, why miss the chance of this opportunity.

This system meets the requirements of the companies who needs number of workers at the given time.
Now that the system such as lifetime employment and seniority collapsed, it has attracted attention of the staffs who want to take advantage of their skills and the companies that want to utilize the people with skills.
From general office worker to specialist, The QUALITY JAPAN ensure a number of registration staffs and have established a system that can dispatch personnel to match your needs in a timely manner.


Excellent technician. We want a stable employment, in that case if you can take advantage of this.

In the long term, we want to ensure the excellent technical personnel to be in immediate use. This system is a respond to the needs of companies of dispatch foreign engineers.
Now that the baby boomers are going to become the retiring age is a concerned, companies want to ensure high skilled engineers. This system attracted their attention as a merit to both parties.